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Winterhalter boosts commercial warewashing to the next level: the first warewashers you only pay for when you actually use them. That means perfect wash results for everyone − regardless of the available budget, and with maximum flexibility.


1. No purchase, no renting, no leasing − billing only per wash cycle.

2. One price − all-inclusive: warewasher, tables, racks, water treatment, detergent, maintenance and service.

3. Configure and install the warewasher − with our Winterhalter experts or your specialised dealer.

4. Log in to the PAY PER WASH portal, select the number of wash cycles and simple pay by credit card.

5. Enter the wash code on the machine display and load your wash cycle credit.

6. Wash, wash, wash − and always count on a perfect wash result!


No investment

Don′t worry about your budget: with PAY PER WASH you get the complete Winterhalter system without having to invest.

No risk

Protect yourself from unexpected costs: with PAY PER WASH there are no additional maintenance or repair costs. You pay a pre-defined price. We take on everything else.

No fixed costs

Pay for washing only when you are actually doing business: with PAY PER WASH, billing is based on actual use − with a fixed price per wash cycle. These expenses are immediately tax-deductible as operating costs.

Fully flexible

Stay independent and flexible: the PAY PER WASH contract has no minimum contract period and can be terminated with no additional costs. This means no long-term obligations, just full flexibility!


Deal with clear and transparent costs: with PAY PER WASH, everything′s included. Machine and tables, racks, water treatment, detergent, maintenance and repairs. The complete hassle-free package!

First-class quality

Rely on real brand quality: PAY PER WASH works with Winterhalter system components. These are perfectly coordinated with one another and guarantee top-quality wash results!

Who is PAY PER WASH designed for?

For innovative foodservice businesses

Do you look to the future and question traditional approaches? Do you want to use things but not own them? Are you a fan of business models like car sharing? Welcome to PAY PER WASH and a use-based billing system: pay for your warewasher only when you actually use it.

For precise budgeters

Do you appreciate clarity and want to calculate things properly? Do you want to know exactly which expenses you are incurring and in what amounts? Use PAY PER WASH and avoid unexpected additional costs. There′s just one price, and it includes everything.

For start-ups

Are you planning a foodservice start-up? Do you want to fit out your kitchen professionally but are limited financially? Choose PAY PER WASH and realise your business dream! Winterhalter brand quality and with no initial investment.

For seasonal operations

Ice cream cafes, beer gardens, beach bars or alpine huts: do you own a seasonal operation? And won′t use appliances continuously over the whole year? PAY PER WASH is the perfect solution: You incur washing costs only when you have guests and your machine is running. No revenue: no costs!



Enter the next level with PAY PER WASH!

Are you convinced by the advantages of PAY PER WASH? Then there′s an important question left: how much does an individual wash cycle cost? We′ll be happy to tell you: just give us a call!

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Or if you don′t have time for a call at the moment, just use our contact form. We′ll be happy to give you a call back!


The NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS from Winterhalter.

Since 1947, time and again Winterhalter has managed to actively shape the field of commercial warewashing and set benchmarks with innovative warewashing solutions. The reason: we want to know exactly how our customers′ world works, what their needs are and how we can best support them. We listen and observe: change in society and changes to the world of work, technical developments and the possibilities presented by them. In short: we work intensively today on what will be heading our customers′ way tomorrow and beyond. You can see what these solutions look like with our NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS.

Do you want to increase your operational safety, optimise the cleaning process and design your whole workflow more efficiently? Discover another NEXT LEVEL SOLUTION from Winterhalter: CONNECTED WASH.

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