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FAQs − Frequently Asked Questions about PAY PER WASH

Are you interested in PAY PER WASH, or are you already enjoying the advantages of a modern payment model and have a question? Then we might have the answer you need here.


Can I used the generated wash codes on all PAY PER WASH machines?

No − each wash code functions only on the machine whose machine number you used to log in to the portal.


The wash code I bought isn′t working. What should I do?

Please check the following things:

  1. Has an accidental typing error been made? Please re-enter the code.
  2. Have you entered the right code? The correct order is essential (=code-index).
  3. Is the code valid for this machine? When you buy wash codes, you enter a machine number. The code you purchase is then valid only for the machine with this number.

Have you checked all of these things but the wash code is still not working? Then please contact your Winterhalter representative.

What happens if I enter the wash code incorrectly several times?

If you enter the code wrong three times, a clock will appear for 10 seconds. You can then re-enter the code.

What happens if I stop the wash cycle too early? Will the wash cycle be deducted from my credit?

If you have terminated the wash cycle just after it has started, it will not be deducted from your credit. As soon as the rinse has begun (the start button will then be two-thirds green), the wash cycle will be deducted.


I can′t find my personalised QR code. How do I get a new one?

You can create a new personalised QR code yourself at any time. To do so, you just need to access the web address www.pay-per-wash.biz/buy and enter your machine number and the contract number. You can then generate the QR code and also print it out.

Can I also pay via transfer or PayPal?

No, at the moment you can pay only by credit card.

Where are my credit card details saved?

The processing of credit cards is done through a specialised payment service provider, which guarantees absolute security. The data is not saved at Winterhalter.


My PAY PER WASH contract is ending, but I still have available wash cycles on the machine. Will these expire, or will I receive a credit note?

You will receive a credit note for the remaining wash cycles.

Can I buy the PAY PER WASH machine after the contract has finished?

Generally, yes. Please discuss all further details with your Winterhalter representative.

Can I get out of the contract early? What is the cancellation period?

The notice period for cancellation is three months to the end of a month.